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History of Stowe Schools

We are a K-5 elementary school with approximately 275 students. We offer a rich and varied program of education for your students in a well-maintained facility located two blocks from Main Street in Stowe, Vermont. Stowe Elementary Staff and Administration strive to create an ideal setting for your child’s education, in which we provide a rich and varied curriculum designed to benefit the whole child. Whenever appropriate, efforts are made to differentiate instruction and create interdisciplinary units of study. Currently there is significant work being done to create upgrade LSSU-wide curricula. A group of educators from LSSU is leading this work under the direction of the LSSU Director of Curriculum and Assessment. They are extending their work to their colleagues across LSSU. The work is based on the Mission Related Goals for LSSU:

Lamoille South Supervisory Union Mission Related Goals

Students of LSSU will use core knowledge to construct, express and act upon learning.

Thinkers and Problem Solvers
Students of LSSU will construct meanings and respond to complex situations using sound reasoning and creative thinking.

Effective Communicators
Students of LSSU will express ideas accurately, creatively and effectively to a variety of audiences.

Personally and Socially Responsible Citizens
Students of LSSU will act upon their rights and obligations as informed, respectful individuals and citizens of a democratic and interdependent society.

Below is a program overview by discipline. Please understand that alterations are planned to the programs and curricula referenced below:

ART - The school is always filled with the artwork of students. In addition to receiving one period of instruction each week from a specialist, students have many opportunities for artistic expression in their class work. Student work is also displayed annually in exhibit form at the Helen Day Art Center. Each year our permanent display of student art work is enhanced with selected pieces from the Helen Day Art Show.

ENRICHMENT - Classroom programs at all levels are supplemented by field trips, guest speakers, and assemblies which feature professional performers as well as plays or concerts by the students. An enrichment teacher also provides individual and small group experiences for students. Students may self-select for some enrichment activities or be referred to the program by their classroom teacher. An activity centered room houses the enrichment program. Specific enrichment activities may be arranged for students in need of extra challenges. Individual programs are developed as part of our educational support system (EST).

GENERAL MUSIC - Our program focuses on enjoyment, exposure to many kinds of music, movement and rhythm. Students sing, learn to play instruments such as the recorder and xylophone. Dance is often a class activity. Beginning at grade 3, students may elect to join the school chorus, which meets before school.

INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC - Students in grades 4 and 5 may elect to learn to play a band instrument. They receive individual and group instruction from a specialist twice a week. Rental instruments are available through a local music company. Band practices begin before school.

MATHEMATICS - Our program focuses on the development of math concepts, computation skills and problem solving. Students learn about math in activity-oriented classrooms in which they are regrouped often to accommodate their individual rates of progress. Instructional activities are developed using the Think Math program and other materials as part of our K-12 curriculum guide. Parents will be expected to practice basic facts with their children as part of a regular daily homework regimen. LSSU assessments in mathematics are being used this year.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION - Our developmental program focuses on fine and gross motor skills, cooperation, teamwork and personal enjoyment of physical activity. Project-Adventure type activities are also part of the program this year.

READING - A program of skill development is coupled with a strong emphasis on a wide range of reading of quality literature at all grade levels. The instructional program combines phonological awareness training, instruction in phonics, vocabulary, comprehension and literature appreciation. Our primary goal is to nurture avid, competent, independent readers. Our literacy assistant assists teachers and students directly.

SCHOOL GUIDANCE COUNSELING - A school guidance counselor provides services for all students K-5. The school counseling program utilizes a developmental, proactive, prevention-oriented model. Program components may include classroom guidance, support groups for students, individual counseling and consultation with staff members and parents. On-going individual and small group guidance counseling sessions require your permission.

SCIENCE - Our science program is broad-based, including developmentally appropriate active learning experiences in earth, physical, and life sciences. Instructional activities are developed utilizing our new K-12 curriculum guide and the VT Grade Expectations. LSSU assessments in science are being used this year.

SOCIAL STUDIES - Students learn about themselves and others through units on their local community and state as well as other countries. Geography and history are stressed throughout the grades. Appropriate exposure to current events and themes are incorporated. Project work is an integral part of the program. Instructional activities are developed utilizing our K-12 curriculum guide and the VT Grade Expectations.

SPANISH - Spanish instruction for all students is provided under the direction of a full time teacher of Spanish language. Spanish instruction classroom is housed in the lower wing.

SPELLING - A school-wide spelling program involves the students in direct, explicit instruction in word structure related to our reading program in all grades.

TECHNOLOGY - Every classroom is equipped with computers, and program-related software is available. Many classrooms now have Smartboard technology available. The emphasis is on the integration of technology to support learning. Mobile wireless computer labs are available for small and large group use

WRITING - Students write in a variety of forms from journals to stories and research reports. Student writing is published frequently for a variety of audiences. LSSU writing assessments (ODWP) are in place for grades 3-5. Literacy portfolios are kept for each child and are evaluated throughout the year.